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it may appear that our philosophy skin care kits and philosophy gift kits should not be together, however the gift kits are full of great products for your skin, and the skin care kits also make great gifts .  who wouldn't like a gift of   amazing grace products , such as, amazing grace fragrance , amazing grace body emulsion , or amazing grace body butter ?   a philosophy gift kit could be used for any holiday gift or any special event gift such as a gift for aniversary , but birthday girl is especially for her birthday gift , and here comes the bride is a wedding gift for someone special.  our  newest group of gifts is the layering collections that allow you to use several products with the same fragrance , thus building a fragrance layer of your favorite scent .   those collections include: amazing grace layering collection , inner grace layuring collection ,   pure grace layering collection, and  falling in love layering collection .   they are new, but are some of our best sellers .