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From Shakespeare's Sonnet 99:
---" More flowers I noted, yet I none could see
But sweet or colour it had stol'n from thee".
we all have our favorite flower fragrances such as; crushed rose petals, s weet rose of sharon or maybe gardenia, but none will out shine our  p hilosophy product f ragrances found on these pages.
this step in our philosophy skin care journey is extremely pleasant, because of the many sensual yet pure crisp fragrances found here.  you will love the spray of pure grace fragrance , with its clean soap and water ultra freshness. also the sweet romantic sexyness of falling in love eau de parfum, with its mixture of delectable vanilla, floral and musky blackberry.  from here our trip through philosophy products take us to the lotions , such as, amazing grace body firming emulsion or pure grace perfumed body lotion , that revitalize dry, aging and wrinkled skin .  your skin may prefer one of the butters , like the floral scent of inner grace body butter or the luxurious formula of amazing grace body butter as it melts into your skin to tone and moisturize.
you are almost there... only a few more steps.