philosophy gift certificates / philosophy gift certificate

we here at the skin place are happy to serve you with products or gifts for any occasion. sometimes it is difficult to pick the exact gift that you want to give, so we want to help by offering philosophy gift certificates that you can customize into that perfect choice.


Gift Certificates
multiple gift certificates may be purchased, but each certificate should be completed as an individual product to allow for the different recipient names.  gift certificates are a great way to make sure they get something that they really want.  ours don't expire, so if they are not ready to decide on something today, they can order later.
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You can select as many philosophy gift certificate as you want, but they must be completed one at a time. the computer software becomes confused if you try to select multiple philosophy gift certificates before completing the first.


select the philosophy gift certificate that you want, complete it, then choose the next and complete it. we hope you are not confused with the statement that you can only purchase one.