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 philosophy has developed a complete line of philosophy dry skin products for those with dry and/or sensitive skin.


dry skin
control your dry skin problem.  dry skin is a common problem and is easy to correct, but it requires daily effort.  we have many moisturizers all of which are effective, but may be slightly different for different skin conditions.  your problem may be caused by using a harsh soap for bathing. if so, you may find that switching to a shower gel will stop the problem.  most of us, however, will need to replace some of the natural oils that are washed away with bathing. we recommend one of the lotions, such as, field of flowers body lotion  or sweet on you body lotion.  face creams such as miracle worker miraculous anti-aging moisturizer are important in keeping the face well hydrated.
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philosophy uplifting miracle worker face duo
Product Code: 604079163323

Price: $110.00


philosophy when hope is not enough firming and lifting serum
Product Code: 00500325

Price: $40.00

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most sensitive skin is thin and easily irritated or traumatized. for this type skin two of the best products are when hope is not enough replenishing cream and when hope is not enough replenishing capsules. when used together they help heal irritation and strengthen the immune response of the skin, while adding hydration and firmness.


the ultimate philosophy dry skin products for use in healing toning and firming the skin is when hope is not enough firming and lifting serum, with its potent antioxidants, vitamin c and e, glutathione, and soy. hope in a jar for dry or sensitive skin was originally created for the medical market as the premiere healing treatment cream for patients who have just received laser or chemical peel treatments.


if you also need protection from the sun, try the philosophy dry skin product hope in a jar spf 20 with its high performance moisturizer. if you would like to get away from using so much makeup, then philosophy's makeup optional for dry and sensitive skin was made for you.


for good smelling hands and feet we recommend amazing grace hand cream and amazing grace foot cream./p>