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our body and hair products contain lotions, shampoos, moisturizers, lip balms and creams for your hands and feet.  all of these are designed to improve your skin and hair.  lotions include: amazing grace and pure grace hand lotions; body lotions (emulsions) like be somebody unscented or water lily lotions, amazing grace body emulsion, eternal grace or falling in love body emulsion.

lip balms are represented by kiss me tonight, kiss of hope lip treatment spf 15, and kiss me exfoliating lip scrub.

lip glosses are many, such as, melon daiquiri lip shine, mimosa lip shine, the supernatural superglossy lip gloss spf 15 - smell the roses, and raspberry sorbet flavored Lip Gloss.

amazing grace perfumed foot cream and amazing grace restorative perfumed hand cream are two of our besr-sellers.  hands of hope hand and cuticle cream and time on your hands exfoliating hand and cuticle are other great choices.

soul owner exfoliating foot cream is unique, in that, it helps get rid of dry, sometimes hard, crusts on your feet, along with making them soft and smooth. 

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